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Оплачивайте путешествие на Камчатку картой «Мир» и верните 20% от стоимости тура.

This journey is a real reboot. May is that very time when everyone needs to stop, breath out, and realize if you’re on the right way... We believe that Kamchatka is the best place on the planet for that.

8 days/ 7 nights

During this tour you will:

  • visit Mutnovsky and Gorely volcano complex
  • take part in a real snowmobile safari at the Nature Park "Nalychevo"
  • make your way to the Pacific Ocean
  • fulfill your childhood dream and try yourself as a musher - dog-team driver

Accommodation: hotels “Laguna-SPA”, “Sputnik”


Tour program

Places and attractions

  • Mutnovsky volcano
  • Gorely volcano
  • Nature Pak "Nalichevo"
  • "Three Brothers" cliffs
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Khalaktyrsky beach

Difficulty level


A little training is required.

Attractions type

Accommodation / Overnight


Meal service

Three meals a day.

Breakfast - at the hotel, dinner and tea - on the route,  lunch - at the hotel.


70 000 

For one person.

Kruiz-na-Dalniy-Vostok (65)_1547548469.jpg
Kruiz-na-Dalniy-Vostok (11)_1547548297.jpg
Kruiz-na-Dalniy-Vostok (20)_1547548298.jpg
Kruiz-na-Dalniy-Vostok (49)_1547548504.jpg

What is included

  • transport (off-roaders, snowmoblies)
  • meal
  • services of instructors, tour guides, cooks
  • recreational fees
  • accommodation at the park "Nalichevo"
  • insurance

Necessary equipment

  • Traccking boots
  • Spats
  • Thermal underwear
  • Waterproof and windproof sport suit
  • Hat
  • Additional light shooes
  • Peronal first-aid kit
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