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Your dream - the Commanders

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Emerald-green costal slopes blooming with flowers, snowfields that never melt until very August, steep black basalt rocks and traces of lava flows, stretching out to the Ocean – you will encounter all these wonders of nature on your way. However, the main feature of the Commander Islands is the animals which got used not to be afraid of a man. This is one of the few places on Earth where you can observe the real life of sea birds and animals which do not run, swim or fly away from you, but vice versa keep watching you back with great interest.

5 дней/4 ночи

During this tour:

- you will visit Cape Yushina, where one of the largest rookeries of fur seals, sea otters and sea lions is located – there you'll get a unique opportunity to watch the sea animals from a special trestle on a very close distance

- at Tufted Puffins Island you will see the huge colonies of seabirds: horned puffins, cormorants and tufted puffins as well

- during the sea rides you will meet whales: there are more than 21 species of cetaceans registered at the Commander Islands

- you will see the Commanders’ “visiting card” – the rock Steller’s Arch and Buyan Bay of gems

During this trip you will live in a comfortable hotel, and will be transferred to Bering Island by helicopter. This expedition runs without any tiresome hikking or overnight camping in tents.

Acoomodation: hotel "Commander"  (Bering Island)

Tour program

Day 1

Arrival to Nickolskoye settlement:

  • At the airfield the group is met by minivan and transferred to Nikolskoye village.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Lunch
  • Meeting with the guides at the sanctuary visiting center (200 meters away from the hotel)
  • Transfer to the port (500 meters close)


Excursion “Tufted Puffins Island”

Transport: motorboats of “Poseidon” type

This excursion proposes the visitors to take a better and closer look at the dwellers of the bird colonies – the tufted puffins. These funny representatives of the feathered species won’t leave anyone cold and will impress even the very experienced travelers. Other seabirds also breed on the island: red-faced cormorants, glaucous-winged gulls, pigeon guillemots, kittiwakes, etc. During the excursion there is a chance to see harbor and largha seals, and if you’re lucky - sea otters as well, taking their rest in the thickets of sea kale.

After the arrival on the island, which is 1.5 km away from Nikolskoye settlement, you will pass over the ecological path (about 500 m. long) to the observation platform. After the tour guide’s presentation, the members of the group will have the opportunity to ask questions and will have time to make photos and return back by the same route.

  •  Return to the hotel
Day 2


  • Group gathering at the sanctuary visiting center (200 meters away from the hotel)
  • Transfer to the port (500 meters close)


Excursion “To the World of Whales”

Transport: RIB-type motor launches

The route runs along the west coast of Bering Island to its southern tip and back. Along the way we’ll steam around Cape Entrance Rif, Cape Tonky and further - to Podutesnaya Bay, Midday Bay and Lisinskaya Bay.

In these waters you can meet finback whale, minke whale, humpback whale, orca (or killer whale), Dall’s purpoise, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a look at the sperm whale, the blue whale and the bowhead whale. Also of great interest are the bird rookeries and their feathered inhabitants – tufted puffins, horned puffins, kittiwakes, common (black) guillemots, cormorants and fulmars.

  • Return to Nikolskoye village
Day 3

Early morning:

  • Meeting with the guides at the sanctuary visiting center (200 meters away from the hotel)

Excursion on the route of “Bay Commander” 10-12 hours

Depending on the weather conditions, the excursion is carried out on an ATV or a motorbike ride. The journey is rather complicated and long, during the way we’ll offer our quests a snack (sandwiches) and a late lunch at the cordon of “Buyan Bay” (there is an opportunity to cook food).

The Commander’s Bay is one of the most important historical monuments of the Commander’s archipelago. This is the shore where the great traveler, pioneer commander Vitus Bering and part of his team found their last refuge. The surviving members of the crew of «Saint Peter» packet ship spent a heavy winter here in 1741-42 years. Showing an example of resilience and courage, they built a small sailing ship from the wreckages of the packetboat gookor, which had crashed on the rocks, and thus they managed to return to the Awacha Lip. The memorial cross «Saint Peter» and his crew on the high bank of the bay became one of the symbols of the Commander Islands.

On the way back we will stop at the cordon «Buyan Bay», there is an opportunity to make a late lunch, tourists are offered to walk on the beach.

Buyan Bay is located on the east coast of Bering Island, with a river of the same name flowing into the bay. In the headwaters of this river the gems are washed out of the paleogen basalt lava. The fleeing river carries these gems into the sea, which for years burnishes the stones, turning them into pebbles, and then the waves throw them on the beach. On both sides of the mouth of the river, hundreds of meters along the shoreline, the beach is saturated with pebbles, consisting of gems - agate, yashma, sarcophagus, opal, chalcedonian, less frequently there can be found milk opal, ornate agate, conglomerate, etc.

  • Return to Nikolskoye village
Day 4
  • Meeting with the group at the sanctuary visiting center


Excursion to the Northern rookery breeding-ground of sea mammals 3 hour

The excursion is carried out on quad bikes. The way runs along the laida (sandy beach) and along the tundra, to the north end of Bering Island.

At the rookery at one and the same time you can observe a variety of marine mammals simultaneously: northern fur seals, sea lions, harbor and largha seals (island seals). Besides pinnipeds you can also find there sea otters, sea birds and beautiful landscapes of the northern part of Bering Island.

After the tour guide’s intervention, the group members will have the opportunity to ask questions and will have time for making photos.

Down the ecological path we’ll return to helipad and board an aircraft.

The pedestrian part of the route takes approximately 1 km.

  • Return to Nikolskoye village

The second part of the day can be devoted to visiting the Aleutian Museum of Local Lore.

Day 5

Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

  • Transfer to Nikolskoye settlement. Parting with the group.



Places and attractions

  • Cape Yushina
  • Buyan Bay of gems
  • Steller's Arch
  • Tufted Puffins Island
  • Nokolskoye village
  • Bering Island

Difficulty level


Available to anyone.

Attractions type

Accommodation / Overnight


Meal service

Three meals a day.

Breakfast - at the hotel,dinner and tea - on the route, lunch - at the hotel.


205 000 

For one person.

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What is included

  • residence  according to the programme (double accomodation)
  • airflight Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — Nikolskoye village  — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with luggage transfer (15kg)

  • meals according to the programme

  • transfers according to the programme

  • excursions according to the programme

  • services of tour guide, cook and preserve assistant

  • renting of group equipment and tools (dishes, rubber boots and etc.)

  • medical insurance

  • permission for visiting specially protected natural areas

Necessary equipment

  • tracking boots
  • spats
  • thermal underwear
  • windproof and waterproof sport suit
  • hat
  • additional light shooes
  • personal first-aaid kid
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